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Free Waste Wise volunteer training

posted Apr 2, 2012, 9:17 AM by Roxie Rochat
WSU Waste Wise Offers Free Volunteer Training in April and May. Become a WSU Waste Wise volunteer, and make a difference on Camano Island! WSU Waste Wise will be holding free volunteer training on Camano Island in April and May. Classes are free, and dates in April and May will be arranged according to attendees' schedules. Waste Wise volunteers come from all walks of life and share the conviction that we must care for our county's beautiful islands to protect our quality of life. That includes keeping our water clean and generating less waste. We do this by learning to reduce, re-use and recycle our garbage, and by composting as much yard waste as possible and returning the nutrients to the land. Formed in 1992, WSU Waste Wise is a volunteer organization administered by Washington State University Extension in Island County. Volunteers receive 25 hours of classroom and on-line training, as well as field trips, to learn techniques for sustainable living and how to reduce solid waste and keep their septic systems functioning properly. In return, they agree to share what they've learned through volunteer service on Camano Island. Examples of some of our local volunteer efforts include educating the public through our display booth, encouraging recycling at community events, showing folks how to compost their yard waste and use worm bins for food waste reduction, helping gardeners to recycle their plastic plant pots, helping people recycle car and truck tires taking up space in their garage or yard, assisting homeowners to get rid of their household clutter through our "Free Market" event, and promoting use of non-toxic household cleaning products that can be made from simple kitchen ingredients. Most of our volunteers are also active in other local organizations, and find the Waste Wise program and training to be very helpful in their other volunteer activities. Monthly meetings are often held at Cama Beach State Park, where we have helped staff to adopt sustainable practices within the park.

If you would like to become a Waste Wise volunteer and receive this valuable training in April and May, or if you have questions about the training, contact Scott Chase at (360) 387-3443, ext 258, or by email at . You can also contact the WSU Waste Wise coordinator for Island County, Janet Hall, at (360) 629-4522, ext 7974, or by email at . The website also has valuable information about the Waste Wise program: