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Garden Tour Stats

posted Jul 8, 2014, 11:26 AM by Roxie Rochat   [ updated Jul 8, 2014, 11:33 AM ]
Thank you to all who attended or helped to make the 2014 Camano Backyard Wildlife Habitat Garden Tour a success! 

When we asked people how they found out about the garden tour, a bunch of them said they know about the tour and come every year. Each year the stats are about 2/3 Camano folk and 1/3 from beyond. That seems to be a constant each year.

Here are the blue building stats; some more may have joined in on their own 

2014 — 237+  (IFFY WEATHER)
2013 —  258+  (GREAT WEATHER)
2012 — 275+   (RAINY WEATHER) 
2011 — ??     (who has the count for this year?)
2010 — 349+   (GREAT WEATHER)
Maps were also given out at Karla's and at the gardens. It was nice weather. Karla had her art show opening tagging along with the tour.
2009 — 220+   (Decent Weather)
2008 — 184+  (COLD WEATHER)