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Hummingbird Feeding Survey

posted Feb 11, 2016, 9:36 PM by Roxie Rochat

Dr. John Marzluff, James W. Ridgeway Professor of Forest Sciences, at the University of Washington School of Environmental and Forest Sciences is requesting information about hummingbird feeding in western Washington. If you are interested in providing Dr. Marzluff information on hummingbird feeding, please follow the instructions below. Thank you in advance.

Good Day and thanks for considering my request to complete the following survey.  The purpose of these questions is to learn a bit more about hummingbird feeding in western Washington.  I’m especially interested in the timing (through the years and seasons) of feeding.  Even if you don’t feed hummingbirds, your answer to the first question is very important.  Have fun thinking about the birds and your feeders! And please send your responses directly to John Marzluff (simply forward this with your answers to me ( or if you wish mail to John Marzluff, Box 352100, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195). I’d appreciate getting your responses by the end of February!  Thanks, John Marzluff 


Do you feed hummingbirds (check your answer below)?


NO (if your answer is no, I don’t feed hummingbirds, then you are done! Please send to address above)

If you feed hummingbirds, can you please indicate in the table below (please expand as needed; an example is given at start of table in italics):

What year did you start feeding?

What year did you end feeding (list 2016 if you continue)?

For each year that you fed hummingbirds can you please indicate if you fed A) year round, B) summer only, C) winter only.


Feed? (Y or N)

Season Fed? (A=all year, S=summer only, W=winter only)

e.g. Started: 1991































3.  If you are comfortable identifying the two species of hummingbirds we routinely have west of the Cascades, could you please indicate, as best as possible by ranges of years, whether you have 1) Rufous hummingbirds only, 2) both Rufous and Annas hummingbirds, or 3) Only Annas hummingbirds.  For example, you might have noticed only Rufous hummingbirds from 1992-about 2000, then a mix until about 2010, then only Annas.  


4.  Finally, if you feed hummingbirds, would you say that you started placing feeders because you noticed a lot of hummingbirds in the area or because you were hoping to attract hummingbirds that were not yet evident (check answer below, add any comments you wish)?

Started feeding because I noticed hummingbirds

      Might add comment here that you started feeding in winter for this reason, etc.


Started feeding because I wanted to attract hummingbirds




John M. Marzluff
James W. Ridgeway Professor of Forest Sciences
Box 352100
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
College of The Environment
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195