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Geranium Winter Foster Homes Needed

posted Nov 1, 2009, 8:07 PM by Camano Wildlife Habitat   [ updated Nov 1, 2009, 9:49 PM ]
The October 13th work party at Four Springs will be the annual removal of geraniums and planting of bulbs and primroses. If you are willing to provide a storage spot for potted geraniums for the winter, please let Bev know.

Here are Bev's easy directions for storing geraniums for the winter:
  • Place the pots in your garage.
  • Don't bother to cut back at this point except to remove dead flowers, etc. 
  • Check every month to see if they need water.  They should not need water more than once or twice before spring. 
  • In the spring, early April, cut back, leaving them 3 to 5 inches tall.  
  • Start watering and put them where they get light. 
  • By late April start bringing them outside during the day and back in the garage at night for about 10 days. 
  • Then put them outside until its time to replant them.