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Planned 2017 Publication Schedule for Purposeful Gardens by Everett Chu

posted Feb 21, 2017, 2:17 PM by Roxie Rochat
During our February Backyard Wildlife Program, Everett Chu, owner of Azusa Farm and Gardens, discussed landscape designs featuring gardens of "many rooms" for different purposes that share space with wildlife. He is planning a series of articles on these Purposeful Gardens in the "Ask the Master Gardener" column that is featured in the Home & Garden section of the Friday edition of the Skagit Valley Herald. If you do not have a print or online subscription to the Herald, you can access these articles from the Skagit County Master Gardener Ask the Master Gardener Articles archive.

Here is the planned 2017 Publication Schedule.

Purposeful Gardens (an Introduction): 3/3/17
Functional Landscape (a Foundation Block): 4/7/17
Inviting Landscape (a Foundation Block): 5/5/17
Sustainable Landscape (a Foundation Block): 3/11/16
Deer-Resistant Garden: 3/10/17
Edible Garden: 6/9/17
Fragrance Garden: 7/7/17
Privacy Screens: 8/4/17
Small-Space Solutions: 9/1/17
Moisture-Loving Garden: 10/13/17
Drought-Tolerant Garden: 11/10/17
Shade-Loving Garden: 12/2/17
Wildlife-Habitat Garden: 2018
Entryway Garden: 2018
Waterside Garden: 2018
Sanctuary/Retreat Garden: 2018