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Proposed 40 Acre Clearcut

posted Aug 27, 2013, 4:15 PM by Roxie Rochat
Letters need to be received by Aug 28th; don't delay!

This involves a 40 acre clear cut being proposed on Mountain View close to both state parks.  The first italicized letter is about a letter writing meeting and the following letter explains the situation. 

Hello Friends and Neighbors,

In case you didn't hear earlier, we are having a letter-writing work party to finish our comment letters on the proposed 40-acre clear cut south of W. Mountain View Road.  David Herrick just emailed us with some talking points, and we will work together to polish the letters and get them submitted to the DNR and other government entities.  This is also an opportunity to meet each other and discuss the issue in person. 

I've heard from a number of you who can come to the letter-writing work party tomorrow night and can bring your laptops.  Here is the official invitation and location:

Tuesday August 27, 2013
7:00 - 8:30 pm (ish)
341 W Mountain View Rd; Camano Island (Kathryn Wells and Ken Johnson's house)
We are the first house on the south side of Mtn View Rd from the S West Camano Drive/Lowell Point Rd intersection.  There is a large green mailbox opposite our driveway.

Please bring a laptop if you have one. 

We look forward to meeting you! 

Kathryn Wells and Ken Johnson

My name is David Herrick and I am a member of the Point Lowell Water association.  As you probably don't know, a permit has been applied for to clear cut 40 acres of timber just east of my property at 319 West Mountain View Road (There's a Windermere for sale sign on my property so it's forty acres as you head up the hill from that sign toward Elger Bay Store--all on the right hand side).  As you will read, this permit seems to avoid any local regulatory approval process which is why we as homeowners need to step up (note unlikely that my for sale sign will stay up much longer...)

This 40 acre clear cut of mature trees would produce:

1. a significant shift in groundwater seepage (a mature evergreen can absorb over 500 gallons of water per day) and create massive run-off and erosion problems (read landslides) for abutting properties and "downstream" as well.  septic containment affected as well of course

2. create a 400 ft.+ logging road that would then be abandoned to hunting access to neighboring properties, garbage dump possibilities and who knows what other malicious activities to nearby properties given new access; can you imagine the noise factor alone of this type of heavy equipment operation?

3. eliminate known Bald Eagle nests and wildlife corridors.

4. would be the new "gateway entrance" to our two beautiful state parks which provide recreation, recognition and commerce to Camano Island.

Please read the following and join me in opposing this ill-suited project that directly impacts our quality of life --I will publish more as I know it:

> The permit is in the works, it's number is #2813490, in the name of Huang.
> This will be a clearcut.
> Because they do not anticipate converting the land to any development within the next 6 years, the Island County process and oversight is not involved.  The Department of Natural Resources has absolutely no mandate to notify any neighbors nor post a sign on the property. Typically they will notify the Island County Public Works office as a courtesy, but when I spoke to Bill Poss this morning he had no such info and referred me to DNR.
> The application was made on August 14, and any comments or impact statements or opinions need to be in the hands of DNR no later than next Wednesday, August 28.
> After that but prior to September 13 a DNR forester, Bud Westcott, will check over the marked property boundaries and the mandated buffered areas for wetlands and streams on the property. The logging operation and 400' of road building for the heavy equipment can begin immediately following, assuming they comply with requirements. They will have to replant the property (with seedlings) sometime within3 years of the clearcut. After denuding the property they can just abandon the road which could open that area to hunting and garbage dumping in my opinion.
> To register your statement of dissent, reference the permit number(#2813490 in the name of Huang)  and mail to

Department of Natural Resources,
N.W. Regional Office,
919 N. Township St.
Sedro Woolley, WA 98284-9384