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Water Quality Neighborhood Socials for Camano Shoreline Residents

posted Jul 20, 2013, 8:02 PM by Roxie Rochat
from Heather Trim of Futurewise:

We are working on a project funded by the Puget Sound Partnership to raise awareness about shoreline health, with a special focus on water quality, for shoreline residents on Camano Island.

We have launched a series of fun posters in the community about wildlife and we are putting up new posters every two weeks from July through September.   In addition, we are doing outreach at festivals and farmers markets.

In particular, we would like do some neighborhood socials (we already have two hosts lined up and we are seeking a few more hosts) in which neighbors are invited for a low-key fun get together which is primarily social and has about 45 minutes of a program in the middle.  The program will be about water quality (landscape, moss treatment, auto leaks, with a larger section on septics).  We are including septics because we learned that Camano residents have a lot of questions about them.  We are doing these informal socials in August and September.

We can provide the invites, the food, and the programming.  We are hoping that you have some contacts there who would enjoy hosting such a social.  It can be configured however the host would like (afternoon, dinner, after dinner (desserts), etc).  We want to make it work within the type of thing the hosts normally like to do.  We also would be super pleased if the event including showing off one of your projects (perhaps a mini-tour of the features, for example).

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