2018 Garden Tour Thank You

Thank you for your help with the ELEVENTH Annual Camano Wildlife Habitat Garden Tour!

It sounded as if all went well at the gardens! We accounted for 339 for-sure bodies, but know there were more in the cars, at home waiting, or who skipped the blue building. Some people even stopped by the blue building afterwards to say how delighted they were with the tour! We had a busy day handing out maps and wildlife gardening information, including certifying one new yard so that we are up to 921 wildlife habitats on the island. 

A huge thanks to the gardeners, whose willingness to participate made it possible to show how to share our space with the wildlife. We are very grateful you opened your yards to so many people to extend our message of sharing our space with the critters.

A special event like our Camano garden tour takes a lot of work and a lot of people to make the event work.  So many, many thanks for all that you contributed to our Backyard Wildlife Show & Tell Day. Docents and parkers at the gardens made it possible to go beyond a pleasant stroll through the garden to an educational opportunity that made all our hard work pay off for the critters! Thanks also to all who distributed the 100 posters and 900 bookmark fliers, listed us on calendars, pitched story ideas, and created signage.  We had feature stories in the Stanwood News and in the Everett Herald! 

A special thanks to Marilyn for hosting our volunteer garden party. It was very nice to sit down and relax in a Backyard Wildlife Habitat. More thanks to Sole for organizing the party and to all who brought treats for the social.


15 RAHs for Pilar who jumped  in to coordinate our annual garden tour and maintain our fabulous SHOW and TELL event that truly shows how we can Create an Island in Harmony with Nature — One Yard at a Time!!!


YAY, Pilar!!!!!!!!

ADD another 15 RAHS for Roxie, who is our garden signage, photoshop and map maker pro, which enabled people to arrive at all the gardens and learn lots! 

And since we’re RAHing, add another 15 RAHS to our Head Docents — Carol, Roxie, Kathryn, Bev, and Terry — who coordinated with Pilar, the  gardeners, and volunteers to keep everyone in the know! 

AND MANY MORE RAHs for all of you involved who spread the word and made the garden tour possible!

because we all know to —

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” 
~ Margaret Mead's words of wisdom.

Thank you all for caring and sharing your time and space for the critters!!!


Editor's comment -- and an especially big Thank You to Val Schroeder, who keeps us on track and makes it all possible!

Roxie Rochat
Roxie Rochat