Habitat Stewards

You don't have to be an official Habitat Steward to support wildlife in your own backyard and in your neighborhood, but if you'd like to take it to the next level, our Habitat Steward training is offered every two years on Camano Island.  The next class will begin in Jan 2011.

Habitat Stewards Training educates volunteers about preserving the wildlife and its habitat by providing the foundation for assisting individuals, families, and organizations in the creation of wildlife habitat at homes, schools, and places of work, worship, and recreation. The training is provided by the National Wildlife Federation through a partnership with Friends of Camano Island Parks as part of the Camano Wildlife Habitat Project.

Habitat Stewards Training includes topics ranging from identifying native plants to creating a personal wildlife sanctuary.  It offers workshops on specific issues surrounding habitat conservation such as migratory birds and water conservation, as well as specific elements of habitat projects such as demonstration gardens and backyard bird feeding that may be initiated in your yard or neighborhood. Other sessions include topics such as philosophy of habitat restoration and site analysis.

Once you’ve completed the training, the fun continues!  Habitat Stewards fulfill the volunteer commitment of 50 hours by assisting in the creation, preservation, or restoration of wildlife habitat in the community during the following year. After the formal training and as we work on wildlife habitat projects, we will have voluntary Habitat Steward meetings to address challenges, brainstorm solutions, and share success before the monthly habitat programs open to the public at the Camano Multipurpose Center, 141 East Camano Drive, the third Wednesday evening of the month. 

Everyone is welcome attend our meetings and volunteer sessions.  If you'd like more information on these or to sign up for advance notice of the 2011 Habitat Steward class, contact us at camanobwh@yahoo.com.