Certified Neighborhoods

A neighborhood can be any size, from one block long to an entire neighborhood association spanning many streets. Contact us for a free Neighborhood sign if 25% of the homes in your neighborhood are certified. Congratulations to the current Backyard Wildlife Habitat Neighborhoods on Camano:

    • Double View

    • Sunset West

    • Scandia

    • Barnum Road

    • Rocky Mountain High

    • Eagle Crest

    • Camano Island Summit Association

    • Cascade View

    • Robert's Way

The Camano Wildlife Habitat Project launched with a vision of creating an island in harmony with nature — one yard at a time. Now as the tenth community in the nation certified as a community wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation, the Camano project focus has shifted from yards to neighborhoods.

The neighborhood project encourages linking certified backyard wildlife habitats to create wildlife corridors and acknowledge neighborhoods achieving 25 percent participation.

We encourage neighbors working together to enhance or restore wildlife corridors to provide the essentials for wildlife, to practice safe gardening techniques, and understand the benefits of neighbors working together to enhance or restore wildlife corridors.

The main task for neighborhood contact people is to help continue the momentum of the community habitat project by promoting interest in Backyard Wildlife Habitat certification. This could be through planning a neighborhood event such as a slide presentation and discussion for neighbors at annual homeowner's or board meetings. It could be a garden tour, a restoration project, or a plant exchange. Habitat Stewards can assist by presenting a program, by providing information, and by offering advice.