How to Certify Your Own Backyard Wildlife Habitat

If you're a Camano resident and would like to certify your Backyard Wildlife Habitat, please download this form, fill it out, and mail it to the address on the form with your check so we can include you right away in our list of Certified Backyard Habitats.  If you'd rather fill out the NWF application online and pay for it electronically, that's fine too; it will just take a bit longer for your yard to get added to our list.

You can get more information about certification and fill out the application online through the National Wildlife Federation's Garden for Wildlife website.  Information about being a neighborhood coordinator and applications are also available at in-person monthly meetings, tabling events, or by contacting us.

Certification is through the National Wildlife Federation.  There is a $20 processing fee.  You will receive a certificate and the NWF newsletter, Habitats, and a one-year subscription to National Wildlife magazine unless you request otherwise.  You can also order an NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat sign online or purchase a special Camano sign, but there is no requirement to display the sign.  

This is a voluntary, non-monitored program.  No one will come to visit your yard to formally verify the answers on your application.  

Certification stays with the property owner so if you sell your property, the new owners will need to re-certify if they wish to continue with the program.