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Recent publicity:

The June 7, 2023 NWF Blog "Top Five Cities That Garden for Wildlife" recognized the top 5 cities in the country with the most registered Certified Wildlife Habitats. Seattle was listed as #4 with 1,254 certifications and "Nearby Camano Island is an honorable mention as another high performing wildlife gardening city in Washington, with 1,041 Certified Wildlife Habitats." 

The June 2023 NWF Community Wildlife Habitat Newsletter recognized us for our monthly webinars.

Camano Island in Washington State became the 10th Community Wildlife Habitat in the nation and now boasts over 1,000 Certified Wildlife Habitats. The effort was led by Val Schroeder, who in 2006 was awarded the Federation’s Volunteer of the Year in response to the many nominations by her peers and NWF-affiliates. She continues to build momentum for wildlife-friendly gardens on her island home. Read more.

2019 Garden Tour

A article showcased Pat and Tony Vivolo’s garden.

2018 Garden Tour

See photos from our garden tour on the June 23rd, 2018 Facebook post of Fine Feathered Friends, a nature shop in LaConner.

Jan and Paul Mannino's property was featured in the June 13th, 2018 article "Camano Island backyard nature tour sprouts Saturday for 11th time"

This Snohomish Conservation District article highlighted two properties on the tour that were enhanced by SCD's efforts.

HeraldNet coverage: "These Camano and Mill Creek gardens will inspire you"


The origins and vision of the Camano Wildlife Habitat project were featured in a story in NWF's spring issue: "Community Hero: Creating Connections in Paradise"


The Nov 27th edition of contained a picture of Val in her backyard with the article "Conservation District honors environmental volunteers."

A Nov. 22, 2016 article announced the SCD's Lifetime Achievement Award for Val Schroeder.  The award was presented on Dec. 1 for Val's efforts with our BWH program, her book "Exploring Camano Island," and her work with her students that resulted in a national Make A Difference Day award that helped preserve Barnum Point.  

2016 Garden Tour

This June 23, 2016 HeraldNet article describes the transformation of Carole and Sandy Ferraud's "Camano garden reborn after disaster."

"Ten years in the works" features Gail and Rand Nilsson's garden habitat in the June 20, 2016 Stanwood/Camano NEWS.

The Nature Conservancy's installation of Purple Martin "Homes for the Birds" and ties to our BWH program was described in the Stanwood/Camano News in March, 2016. 

2015 Garden Tour

Stanwood/Camano NEWS: Linda and Will Webb's Wildlife habitat was presented on Jun 9, 2015, and Cattywampus trees, spheres at Watson’s tour stop" followed on June 23rd.

The HeraldNet's June 25th article showcased the backyard sanctuary of Kathryn Wells and Ken Johnson: "Camano garden is a symphony between wildlife, native plants"

Val Schroeder was interviewed on Dena Marie’s hour Lift Your Spirit Friday radio show (Alternative Talk — 1150 AM KKNW) to talk about Friends of Camano Island Parks, the 2015 Garden Tour, and her book.  

Exploring Camano Island book

HeraldNet features Val Schroeder's new book and mentions the Camano Wildlife Habitat Project (7/10/2014): "Woman who helped protect Camano writes island guidebook"

Stanwood/Camano NEWS: "Camano resident writes tribute to nature" (Tuesday, June 10, 2014) tells the story behind the new book “Exploring Camano Island: A History and Guide” by Val Schroeder.  See the PDF version here.

2014 Garden Tour

Stanwood/Camano NEWS: "Backyard habitats for humans and wildlife" featuring the yards of John and Paula Ebner and Bev Reaume on June 24, 2014

Betty Dorotik's Backyard Wildlife Habitat garden was featured in this Stanwood/Camano NEWS article "Art of Gardening" on June 10, 2014.

2013 Garden Tour

HeraldNet contained some stunning wildlife photographs from Linda Webb's yard: "Helping wildlife, one yard at a time"

2012 Garden Tour 

Stanwood/Camano NEWS: "Camano garden offers peaceful, natural habitat for wildlife"*

The story behind the inspiring yard of Camano's very own Linda Webb is featured in the April 2012 issue of BirdWatching Magazine. *

2011 Garden Tour

Stanwood/Camano NEWS: "Gardens in tune with nature"* 

HeraldNet: "Lessons in backyard wildlife habitats begin on Camano Island tour"*

"Herons and the people who love them" a Whidbey Camano Land Trust Blog entry by Val Schroeder*

Fall birdwatching trip: Everett Herald 11/13/2010: "Explore prime birding areas on Camano Island"*

2010 Garden Tour

    Everett Herald 6/17/2010: "See Camano Island paradise on backyard wildlife tour"*

    Stanwood/Camano NEWS 6/22/2010: "Wildlife habitat explored in Camano Island garden tour"*

Gardeners Pick Their “Gold Medal” Favorites: Want to add beauty and wildlife value to your yard? National Wildlife's article highlights Oregon Grape, championed by our very own Jean Bach, who was a member of the Camano Wildlife Habitat Project’s original steering committee.*

2008 Garden Tour

"New Camano garden tour celebrates homeowners’ wildlife habitats" ( June 4, 2008)

"Camano Island Backyard Wildlife Habitat Garden Tour" (Camano Community 06/26/2009)

"Camano Island woman pushes for wildlife-friendly yards" ( Feb 2009)

"Manicured lawns giving way to natural look" ( March 2007)

"Coloring Communities Evergreen" about Washington State's certified habitats (NWF Jun/Jul 2006)*

Val Schroeder of Camano Island, WA was the first National Wildlife Federation Volunteer of the Year!

"The award represents what a cool project Camano has because I certainly didn't do it alone!" The NWF Volunteer of the Year Award is an NWF organization-wide award and was first presented in March 2006 at the Annual Meeting in New Orleans.  For this award, recipients have to be nominated by their peers, NWF staff or NWF affiliate members for their volunteerism in the prior calendar year.

Val is featured on the NWF's Faces of Conservation page.  Click on her photo there to learn more.

 *sorry, this article no longer seems to be available online.