Other Events of Interest

Camano 101

Saturday Sept 30, 2023 1-4pm 

Camano Center
606 Arrowhead Rd, Camano Island

If you live on Camano, especially if you moved here recently and own your home, Camano 101 will introduce you to a plethora of local organizations that can help you adjust to your new surroundings. 

Local nonprofits and government agencies share expertise and volunteer opportunities for “living on an island.” Though intended especially for new-comers to Camano Island, everyone can benefit from gaining an understanding of the limits of local resources: water, septic, energy (gas, electric), garbage/recycling, noxious weeds and native plants, caring for the marine habitat on the shores. 

Click here to learn about some of the organizations you'll find there.

2023 Native Plant Fall Sale

Salal Chapter of Washington Native Plant Society

*If there is a species you would like to see in our sale, please send a note to SalalGarden@wnps.org. We will do our best to have it available. Subscribe to get notices for this and future Salal Native Plant sales.

Camano Island in Washington State became the 10th Community Wildlife Habitat in the nation and now boasts over 1,000 Certified Wildlife Habitats. The effort was led by Val Schroeder, who in 2006 was awarded the Federation’s Volunteer of the Year in response to the many nominations by her peers and NWF-affiliates. She continues to build momentum for wildlife-friendly gardens on her island home.  Read More