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Wednesday, June 19, 7:30 pm 

Celebrating 1062 Certified Habitats and 22 years of Creating an Island in Harmony with Nature — One Yard at a Time

MANY THANKS to all of you who attended the Camano Wildlife Habitat Benefit Concert. More than 90 people listened and participated in the Legacy Ukulele Concert, and 16 of those also learned ukulele techniques at Peter Luongo’s workshop.  Peter and my Legacy ohana were quite impressed with the Camano audience’s enthusiasm and participation in our songs, especially Hungarian Dance #5, the Liechtensteiner Polka, and Brown Eyed Girl.  The “HEYS,” “YAHS,” and "SHA-LA-LAS” were great additions to our ukulele playing. We had a lot of fun playing for you!

The concert donations of $811 will help FOCIP’s Camano Wildlife Habitat Project continue working to create, preserve, and restore wildlife habitat on Camano. We’ve been working on the project for 22 years and will continue because our island wildlife needs our help preserving habitat and keeping our island paradise great for both the critters and us people. If you want to be a part of the Camano Island, Pacific NW Regional, and National trend of providing food, water, cover, and places to raise young, plus following responsible gardening practices in your yard, certify your yard as a Certified Wildlife Habitat, either online at NWF.org or by downloading an application from our website.

The Legacy Ukulele Ensemble is a group of 14 players from America and Canada directed by internationally renowned ukulele teacher Peter Luongo. Since September of 2016, the group has been featured at several ukulele festivals and shows and also has held multiple tours. The members are committed to developing music literacy, musicianship, and vocal skills. The group’s repertoire of 35 arrangements includes Hawaiian, classical, ethnic, folk, rock, pop, and country pieces. 

I joined the Legacy Ukulele Ensemble in 2022 and since our Pacific Northwest Tour coincided with the Camano Wildlife Project’s third Wednesday of the month program, I had the perfect opportunity to combine my two passions — protecting wildlife habitat and playing my ukulele. If you missed the concert, check us out at https://www.legacyukes.com or https://www.facebook.com/LegacyUkuleleEnsemble/  

If you want to meet up with fellow people who care about the critters and learn more about landscaping for wildlife, come to the Camano Wildlife Habitat Project’s third Wednesday of the month 7 PM public programs at the Island County Multi-Purpose Center, next to CASA.   



WSU Puget Sound Extension Forestry Classes and Events

If you have forested acreage on Camano, WSU Extension provides great resources for you. Summer events include:

See the WSU Extension Forestry page to sign up for their newsletter and register for these events.

Camano Island in Washington State became the 10th Community Wildlife Habitat in the nation and now boasts over 1,000 Certified Wildlife Habitats. The effort was led by Val Schroeder, who in 2006 was awarded the Federation’s Volunteer of the Year in response to the many nominations by her peers and NWF-affiliates. She continues to build momentum for wildlife-friendly gardens on her island home.  Read More