Other Events of Interest

Pollinator Workshop

Bob Gillespie, one of our former speakers, is teaching a Northwest Pollinator Diversity workshop on August 13 from 10 to 4 pm in Mount Vernon. A great opportunity to hone your pollinator identification skills. Sponsored by the North Cascades Institute.

Free Trees
from the The Carbon Capture Foundation
and Skagit Audubon Society

Order deadline: August 20th, 2022

The Carbon Capture Foundation (TCCF) is offering trees at no cost to Audubon members and their acquaintances willing to plant trees to lock up carbon. This year these species are available: Douglas fir, western red cedar, black cottonwood, and red alder. All will be bare root seedlings.

The limit per household is 240 seedlings, though this limit may be exceeded by special arrangement with TCCF. The seedlings cannot be used for commercial purposes, such as: replanting of logged areas required by law; Christmas tree farms, etc. The goal is to plant trees and let them grow indefinitely to lock up carbon.

The deadline for choosing which seedlings you would like of each of these four species and how many of each is August 20th. Typically, TCCF must place orders with the nurseries in August, with seedlings being available to customers from December through March. The pick-up point for the trees will likely be in Mount Vernon.

For many sites, equipping seedlings with tree protectors is important to ensure a high rate of survival. TCCF doesn’t provide protectors, but some will be available for purchase through Skagit Audubon. These are available at cost: $1.75 for each protector with a bamboo stake. Please let me know how many protectors you would like so that I can be sure to have enough on hand.

Last year, The Carbon Capture Foundation worked with Willapa Hills Audubon Society and Skagit Audubon Society. Skagit Audubon members and friends received and planted 347 seedling trees. In addition, Skagit Audubon connected TCCF with several local non-profit organizations regularly involved in restoration work, resulting in more than 1,000 additional trees being planted. This year, several other Audubon chapters will likely participate either directly or by connecting TCCF to planting projects by other land-managing agencies or non-profits in their areas. This is just one of the many things we all can do to help address climate change.

You can read about The Carbon Capture Foundation at https://www.thecarboncapturefoundation.org

To place your order for trees and tree protectors, contact:

Tim Manns, Conservation Chair, Skagit Audubon Society

Living on an Island: Camano 101

Saturday, September 24, 2022

1:00 PM- 4:00 PM

The Camano Center

606 Arrowhead Road (map)
near Utsalady Elementary

Have a snack and meet the experts on local beaches, parks and trails, landscaping for wildlife, caring for your septic system, emergency preparedness, bus service, recycling and other free resources critical to living on Camano Island.

FOCIP and Camano Wildlife Habitat are Camano 101 co-sponsors and will have tables at this popular FREE community event. Stop by and pick up a Camano Wildlife Habitat sign and/or a FOCIP trail guide and learn more about these great organizations.

WNPS Salal Chapter Program:

The Gottlieb Native Garden: An Intimate Wildlife Journey

Scott Logan, Naturalist, Gottlieb Native Garden, CA

Scott reveals the astonishing range of biodiversity that’s capable of thriving in our backyards when the right plants and habitat are established. As the garden’s naturalist, Scott has identified nearly 500 species of animals in the Gottlieb Native Garden – from tiny insects to some of L.A.’s largest mammals. In his talk, Scott uses spectacular photographs to accompany his wonderfully engaging stories. He’s been a featured speaker at the Annenberg Space for Photography, Autry Museum of the American West, Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens as well as at many garden clubs and environmental organizations. Visit this site to view his work in the Gottleib garden: http://thegottliebnativegarden.com/explore-the-garden/the-naturalists-journal/

Recordings of other WNPS Virtual Events are available on their website.

Skagit Master Gardener Know & Grow Webinar:

Kevin Zobrist

PNW Forest Health

Kevin Zobrist, WSU Extension Forestry, speaks about PNW Forest Health. Recent years of less summer precipitation and higher summer temperatures have caused many native trees, both conifer and deciduous, to become stressed. This makes the trees susceptible to disease, insect damage, and slow death. For more details, see the Skagit Master Gardener Upcoming Events page.

Camano Island in Washington State became the 10th Community Wildlife Habitat in the nation and now boasts over 1,000 Certified Wildlife Habitats. The effort was led by Val Schroeder, who in 2006 was awarded the Federation’s Volunteer of the Year in response to the many nominations by her peers and NWF-affiliates. She continues to build momentum for wildlife-friendly gardens on her island home. Read More